BRAUNS (M.), GARCIA (X.F.), PUSCH (M.), WALZ (N.) 2004.- Contribution to the littoral fauna of large lakes in Brandenburg (Germany). Lauterbornia, 49: 43-72.


In the context of a project on the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in the Brandenburg region, the invertebrate fauna of 31 lakes covering more than 50 hectares each was examined in the eulittoral and litoriprofundal zones. In total 239,510 individuals (excl. Diptera) have been recorded, which belong to altogether 253 species or higher taxa. A pronounced gradient in north-south direction could be determined regarding diversity and species number. This is due to the low trophic level and the unaffected bank morphology of a majority of the lakes in the north of Brandenburg.

Some rare or endangered taxa could be recorded, and their sampling site characteristics and distribution in Brandenburg are given, respectively. With the detection of Hydraena britteni Joy, 1907 (Coleoptera, Hydraenidae) and Hydroglyphus hamulatus (Gyllenhal, 1813) (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae) we succeeded in two rerecords for Brandenburg. With a light trap, two males of Hydropsyche contubernalis McLachlan, 1865 (Trichoptera, Hydropsychidae) were caught with deviating genital morphology, which could be assigned to the morphotype H. c. borealis (Martynov 1926).

The records of species from the macrozoobenthos in the examined lakes are contrasted to 151 further records from literature, and discussed in comparison.